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Mineral Processing Laboratory Testing

Who We Are?

Jiangxi Asia-Africa International Mining and Metallurgy Research Co., Ltd.(Asia-Africa International)is a global leader in providing comprehensive laboratory mineral processing experiments. With our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced team, and commitment to excellence, we offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of the mining industry.

Our Mineral Processing Experiments Process

Experiments Process

Customers send samples to the laboratory -> Sampling & Preparation of Testing Samples  -> Analysis of Raw Ore( Mineral composition and mineral chemistry) ->  Mineral Processing Experiments(Exploratory test and mineral processing condition test) -> Sedimentation Experiment -> Consulation -> Send Back The Tested Samples to The Customer(If the customer requests)

Our Mineral Laboratory Team

Laboratory Engineer Team

Our team members are experts in their field, with extensive knowledge and proficiency. They are devoted to providing outstanding services and ensuring precise outcomes. Driven by a desire for originality and a determination to excel, we aim to surpass our client’s expectations in all our endeavors.

  • Expert Mineral Processing Engineers
  • Skilled Metallurgists
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Skilled Technicians
  • Research and Development Specialists
  • Project Managers

Our Mineral Processing Laboratory Services

Why You Need Us?

Your Problems

Do You Lack of Expertise?

You may not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to perform mineral ore testing. This can result in inaccurate test results, leading to costly mistakes and delays in production.

Are You Racing Against Time And Costs?

You need test results quickly to make timely decisions about production and resource allocation. Delayed test results can result in lost opportunities and revenue.

Do You Know The Regulatory Compliance?

You must comply with environmental and safety regulations, and accurate mineral ore testing is often required. Failing to meet these regulations can result in fines and legal issues.

Asia-Africa International Solutions

Extensive Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in mining and metallurgy research.

Cutting-edge Technology & Timely Delivery

Our laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation and equipment, ensuring accurate and precise testing results. And we prioritize efficiency and understand the importance of timely results. Our streamlined processes and dedicated team ensure that you receive your test results promptly.

Compliance With Regulations

Compliance with mineral extraction and processing regulations is mandatory. Our beneficiation testing help you meet these regulatory requirements by providing accurate data on the ore's composition, processing methods, and environmental impact.

We treat all client information with confidentiality and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

 We understand that each mining project is unique. We tailor our testing services to meet your requirements, providing customized solutions that address your challenges effectively.

Our Mineral Processing Tests

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