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Asia-Africa International

Jiangxi Asia-Africa International Mining and Metallurgy Research Co., Ltd (Asia-Africa International) is a laboratory testing service and equipment supplier with 30+ years of beneficiation experience. Including hydrometallurgy, crushing, grinding, flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, color separation and other ore sample testing process. It is a large-scale mining service manufacturer that analyzes ore samples and provides reasonable and optimized beneficiation experiments, process design, equipment selection, installation, and commissioning. We strives to achieve an ideal recovery rate for customers through rigorous testing, accurate data, and detailed reports. We also have a first-class engineer team to provide professional lab testing solutions.

  • 30+ Years Mineral Processing Experience
  • Accurate Laboratory Testing Services
  • High-quality Beneficiation Equipment
  • Serving 35+ Kinds Of Ore Experiments
  • Overseas Experienced Lab Engineer Team
  • 10+ Beneficiation Testing Laboratory Area
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We Supply

10+ Laboratory Services

We provide more than 10 kinds of laboratory services:

  • Analytical & Mineralogy
  • Comminution
  • Electrostatic Separation
  • Flotation
  • Gravity Concentration
  • Grinding
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Optical Separation
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Solid/Liquid Separation

35+ Mineral Testing

We serve more than 35 kinds of ore testing services:

  • Metal ore: gold, lithium, tungsten, tin, tantalum niobium, lead, zinc, mercury, antimony, silver, molybdenum, zircon, zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt, iron, manganese, chrome, vanadium, titanium, feldspar, sodalite, aluminum
  • Non-metallic ore: silica, phosphate, sulfur, ceramic clay, graphite, barite, kaolin, garnet, fluorite, mica

The general mineral testing flow usually includes the following steps: sample preparation, chemical analysis, technological design, experimental operation, data recording and analysis, optimal, adjustment process, summary lab report.

Our Showroom

Asia-Africa International’s showroom provides different laboratory testing areas, including mineral crushing, grinding, gravity separation, small-scale pilot and semi-industrial flotationmagnetic separation, washing, fine particle separation, analysis, etc areas. We also have a lab test separation area specially designed for silica sand, kaolin, feldspar and sodalite. These areas allow us to simulate real-world scenarios and test the effectiveness of different equipment and techniques in optimizing the mineral extraction process. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, we can provide accurate data on mineral processing performance and meet customer needs.

Stone crushing area
Stone Crushing Area
Mineral Grinding Area
Mineral Grinding Area
Gravity Separation Area
Gravity Separation Area
Small -scale pilot flotation area
Small-scale Pilot Flotation Area
Wet Magnetic Separation Area
Wet Magnetic Separation Area
Semi-industrial flotation area
Semi-industrial Flotation Area
Mineral Washing Area
Mineral Washing Area
Analysis Area
Analysis Area
Dry Separation Area
Dry Separation Area

Our Team

Our engineer team has decades of experience and a wide range of advanced technologies to provide you with fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions. From ore processing testing to plant audits, our team of experts provides comprehensive testing and analysis services to ensure the success of your project.

Laboratory Engineer Team
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